Friday, January 25, 2013

MODNEX INTEL/KATSURA WORLDWIDE: Radiation, PU-238 Arriving on West Coast Soon

GOKATSURA2016 "SUPER INDEPENDENTS":  As an alum of the UC Santa Barbara Sociology Department, it's great to inform you that the department of Sociology is ranked 41st in the global rankings vs. the university, overall, ranked about 181st.  So, you can proudly let everyone know on campus "who is carrying who's reputation" and "Who's Who" around school! :)  So, that's the good news!  Now, the bad news . . .  The bad news is that UC Davis has strong reason to believe that nano-sized uranium-plutonium (PU-238) "buckyballs" have been arriving to the West Coast from Fukushima for about a year, now.  These buckyballs are formed when cold sea water hits nuclear rods in the attempt to cool down the reactors.  These buckyballs are deadly and can cause so many deleterious health issues it's not funny.  The buckyballs keep pouring into the sea from Fukushima with no end in sight.  So, the buckyballs arrive both by sea and by wind.  The buckyballs are fast moving, don't degrade in transit, and aerosolize into the wind via whitecaps out at sea and breakers on the shoreline.  They can be carried a hundreds of miles by the ocean wind and cause all manner of medical horrors when the population breathes in the buckyballs from the air around them.  The Obama Administration will not fund the instrumentation necessary to detect their presence or rates of saturation within a given area/region.  The plutonium side of PU-238 emits dangerous radiation.  The uranium-238 side of the PU-238 molecule emits little radiation but has a half life of over 4 billion years.  The U-238 is the same element as "depleted uranium" (DP) used in wars in the Middle East and is only recently being tested as the culprit in "Gulf War Syndrome" suffered by military veterans serving in the Gulf War and in Iraqi Freedom.  Such veterans fathering children have had the same issues with birth defects in their offspring as has been found in Belarus and Chernobyl as a result of the U-238 contamination of their regions caused by the Chernobyl meltdown.  With U-238, it isn't the radiation which causes the genetic damage and health issues.  It's the element, itself . . .  So, with the arrival of the PU-238 buckyballs to the West Coast, you're getting both the radiation AND the toxic element effect of U-238 or "DP."  Finally, it would behoove you all to be aware that based upon available information on the web, the Fukushima Radiation Plume should arrive to our coastal areas in approximately 3 to 4 months.  My understanding is that both animals and people are having a spike in the number of birth defects, stillborn and co-joined twinned children being born in the West Coast's city populations.  Sounds like how the problems in Belarus began as a result of the Chernobyl meltdown.  

In West Coast city populations, people may suffer all three effects of the radiation plume, the radiation from the plutonium in the PU-238, and the elemental effects the depleted uranium in the PU-238.

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