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KEN KATSURA RESUME 2012 (Subject to Periodic Updates. Spacing and/or formatting will be off a bit due to the program. Email me to request a perfect version. This is an information providing resume only.)

 Ken Katsura                         


1495 Foothill Road, Ojai, CA  93023 · (805) 216-8739 (mobile/Internet) · · · (51 rating, 770 reach)

OBJECTIVE:           Secure position as Office Administrator/Manager/Coordinator, Executive/Administrative Assistant, Project Manager/Coordinator/Assistant, Word Processor or Research Assistant
EXPERIENCE:        I possess the edge in competitive performance and experience to meet and exceed your organizational requirement.
·         Experienced within Legal (international law – corporate securities), Engineering (geotechnical, environmental, consulting, public works), Biotechnological (assay protocol, documentation), Publishing (biographical books and educational curriculum resources/workshops), Professional licensure (examination preparation), and Sales and Marketing (global theme/educational tourism, fundraising, political campaigning, business machine product, periodical and social science professional licensure examination preparation) industries.
·         Extensive experience working with all levels of organizational personnel and demonstrated leadership skills within academia.
·         Extensive experience in office multitasking, Internet research skills, word processing and spreadsheets.
·         Extensive experience in demographic and data analysis (published).
·         Extensive experience in executive transcription (Dictaphone®, in-person verbal, written submittals).
·         Extensive experience with time and expense sheets, cash records, punch cards and special projects.
·         Extensive experience in interpersonal telecommunications across a vast array of industry of scale.
·         Extensive experience inventing and applying software shortcuts/micro programs for greater efficiency.
·         Extensive experience in CRM, maps/directions, registration/reservations, calendaring, cost analysis, conference calls/appointments, contracts/pro forma contracts, scan-faxing and document management.
SOFTWARE:             MS Word®, Outlook®, Excel®, Works®, ACT®, Windows® Explorer®, WordPerfect®, PowerPoint®, Adobe® Acrobat®, QuickBooks Pro®, Excel
HARDWARE:            PC and Macintosh, CDs (use and management), WinZip® File Compression, Dictaphone and Transcriber, Laser/Inkjet Printers, Digital/Electronic Postage Meter and Scale, Phones (multi-line, conference calls, paging, cellular), All-In-One/Digital Copier and Fax, Velobind® and Comb and Three-Ring Binders, Pager, Scanner/Scanfax, Office Alarm, Auto Paper Folder, Auto/Manual Hole Punch, Auto Envelope Sealer, AT & T Switchboard and P.A. System.
ONLINE WORK:       American Express/Visa/UPS/Federal Express Payables, Overnight Mail (UPS/Fed-X ETA tracking/pickup/delivery/supplies), Maps (directions, distance, satellite), Online AP/AR/Payroll/Timesheets/Punch card (corporate LAN), Weather and Traffic Conditions, Zip Codes, Reservations (flight, auto, hotel, train), Fax-Scanning Management, Social Networking Sites (MySpace, Facebook®,®, Twitter, Message Boards, Blog Sites), Video Clip Search (YouTube, Clipta®), Online Dictionary and Thesaurus (Merriam Webster Online®), Specific Online Research

TYPING:                 70 WPM (0% error rate - certified)

FULL-TIME OFFICE SUPPORT EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                      

Educational Coordinator:  The Educational Coordinator position required multitasking in a multiple role position.  Roles included administrative assistance, educational consulting, sales, customer service, online program support, technical troubleshooting and reception.  Position entailed working with individuals (Ph.D., M.A., B.A.) from throughout the U.S., Canada, and the United Arab Emirates, seeking information/registration for week-long workshops (venue, lodging, meal menus, directions/maps, registration deadlines, calendaring and reservations, cost analysis, speaker biographical information) and preparation materials for state and national social science licensure examinations.  Position required careful attention to detail, quick and accurate typing, clear and professional communications, data entry, online research and navigation skills, and outstanding multitasking abilities. Effective communications with customers was paramount.  Many customers were using English as a second language.  Additionally, duties included the upkeep and maintenance of a variety of sales/marketing tracking databases, company website, preparing and mailing sales/ marketing information packets, and corresponding with customers for sales and follow up. 
·          CYBERREP.COM (4/2001 – 11/2001), CAMARILLO, CA
Customer Care Representative:  While serving the needs of the customers of a major wireless phone company (Nextel, Inc.), the position provided training in multiple levels of CRM and demanded high proficiency in computer multitasking skills.  The training also provided competency in billing analysis, technical troubleshooting, sales, education and the exercise of precision interpersonal communications.  Customer accounts were extremely diverse (business and government, domestic and international), and ranged from individuals to large organizations.

·          ACCULIST USA (1/2000 – 6/2000), VENTURA, CA
Listings Project Manager:  Within a “by the seat of your pants” environment, this was another multiple-role position providing marketing research, administrative assistance, reception along with project management.  As a Project Manager, I managed ongoing projects and databases using online resources, PC, phones, scan-fax, email and digital postage meter.  I worked on/with contracts, releases, pro forma invoices and count requests for listings.  Marketing Information Network (MIN), MS Word, Excel, Outlook, ACT and Windows Explorer were routinely used.  The position required special projects such as marketing surveys, importing and designing graphics, mail merging and business development mailings.  The position also required extensive, front-line, executive and administrative assistance, as well:  Assisted in management of President’s appointments/conferences and conference calls and greeted clients; maintained client databases (ACT and Access) and existing filing system; set up new filing system for client brochures/periodicals; managed PC Windows Fax documentation (incoming and outgoing); word processed executive and sales personnel correspondence; acted as primary receptionist and point of contact for field sales personnel  (multiple-line phone system); and ordered and retrieved lunch for executive.
·          GOSPEL LIGHT PUBLICATIONS (03/87 – 08/90), VENTURA, CA
Lead Executive and Production Word Processor (Macintosh-based Environment):  As head of the Word Processing Department, I served approximately ten different departments including extensive work with the Executive.  Large mail merges, production word processing and daily correspondence requests, submitted by the Executive and Management, were routine.  Dictaphone/transcription based word processing (for high profile authors and executive) and special projects were the rule, rather than the exception.  The cleaning and maintenance of word processing and printing machines, along with the management and monitoring of departmental supplies, was a daily endeavor, as well.
·          LAW FIRM OF SULLIVAN & CROMWELL (03/85 – 08/86), LOS ANGELES, CA
Mail Clerk, Proofreader, Relief Receptionist and General Service:  Engaged in multitasking throughout the entire corporate law office as relief receptionist (AT & T switchboard, conference calls, in/out list, parking validation stickers, cab validation and pick-ups), mail clerk, proofreader, hand delivery runner, visiting attorney security escort and general service person. 


PART-TIME AND TEMPORARY OFFICE SUPPORT EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                      

Santa Barbara and Ventura County, CA (1995 – 2007)   
Labor Ready, Ventura, CA
Assignments:  Arrowhead Waters – Office Administrator, multitasking, online A/P, A/R, payroll, punch card, route/delivery accountability, overnight mail and online tracking; Certex – Administrative assistance
Office Team, Santa Barbara, CA
Assignments:  Dako, N.A and AGIA – Biotechnological word processing and Excel (assay protocol, product description and tracking list) in Document Control; administrative assistance and mailroom fulfillment
Acculist U.S.A., Ventura, CA
Returned to former employer to provide temporary office support on a part-time basis (reception, administrative and executive assistance)
The Performance Group, Ventura, CA
Provided part-time sales support (marketing mail outs) and “B-to-B” tele-appointment setting for office machines company
Apple One Personnel Services, Ventura, CA
Assignment:  Fugro West Geotech, Inc. – Word processing, administrative assistance and map cutting
Presidio Personnel Service, Santa Barbara, CA
Assignment:  URS Greiner, Woodward-Clyde
Word processing of engineering specifications
Honolulu, HI (1992 – 1995)
Snelling Personnel Service, Honolulu, HI
Assignment(s):  Polynesian Cultural Center; Bishop Estate/           
King Kamehameha Schools (KSBE); Hilton Hawaiian Village
– Office support in roles of Sales Secretary, Assistant Corporate Trainer and Office Assistant
Remedy Intelligent Staffing, Honolulu, HI
Assignment(s):  State of Hawaii, Department of Health/Hazmat; The Queen’s Medical Center; Kaiser Permanente; Honolulu Convention Center Project – Human resource assistance and general office
Manpower, Honolulu, HI
Assignment:  Parsons, Brinkerhoff, Quade and Douglas; Pacific Architects – Reception, administrative assistance
Norrell Services, Honolulu, HI
Assignment(s):  Finance Insurance; Paul, Johnson, Park and Niles – Administrative assistance, legal general office
Ventura County, CA (1980 – 1989)
Olsten Staffing Services, Ventura, CA
Assignments:  Rockwell International/Scientific (Thousand Oaks); Computer Peripherals, Inc. (Newbury Park): County of Ventura, General Services Agency (GSA) – Data entry, word processing
Katsura Consulting Engineers, Ventura, CA
On-call technical word processing and general office duties were performed over the course of 1980 – 1987.

EDUCATION:       San Diego State University (San Diego, CA)M.A. coursework requirements completed in Sociology:  Population and Demography, Advanced Research Methods, Advanced Theory, Social Organization; 3.93 GPA (See cover letter and LinkedIn profile for explanation of GPA).  [Published as contributor to San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Annual Socioeconomic Report:  City of Lemon Grove, 1992-93]

U.C. Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA)Double Major B.A., Sociology (World Systems, Third World Socioeconomic Development and Change, Interpersonal Counseling and Therapy Strategies) and Political Science (Public Administration; Law and Society; International Law, Marine Policy, Criminal Justice Administration and Policy Formulation)
Ventura Community College (Ventura, CA)U.C. transfer coursework
Santa Paula High School (Santa Paula, CA)
High School Diploma
COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC HONORS and ACTIVITIES:  Listed in the directory of Outstanding College Students of America, 1988-89 (under “Government”); President – Forum for Students with Political Interest (UCSB); Volunteer – CALPIRG (UCSB); President – Political Science Association (Ventura College); Varsity Tennis (Ventura College); Ski Club (“Black Diamond” recreational alpine skier – Ventura College).
HIGH SCHOOL RECORDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS:  Co-First to play four years SPUHS tennis at varsity level; First Asian American (Co-first ethnic minority) to play four years SPUHS varsity tennis; First Asian American, Co-first ethnic minority and Co-first in any sport to varsity letter four years at SPUHS (all ethnicities included); First Asian American to reach C.I.F. competition in tennis SPUHS; Co-first freshman to play in C.I.F. tennis SPUHS; Longest touchdown pass thrown in SPUHS football history at any level (95 yards); First Asian American in Ventura County High School Athletics to play four years at varsity level of competition.
HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES:  Varsity and freshman football; three years basketball; four years varsity tennis (CIF);  Senior League baseball (highest level of Little League) and all-star selection; black diamond-level alpine skiing; Westminster Fellowship, Campus Life (acting role in annual “Scream in the Dark” haunted mansion at Ventura County Fairgrounds), volunteer float builder  for Santa Paula High School Homecoming Parade.
VOLUNTEER WORK:  United Blood Services donor; United Way donor; CROP Walk for World Hunger; volunteer basketball partner for Special Olympian (YMCA, Honolulu, HI); Timer – Citrus Capital Relays (Santa Paula, CA); Foothill Association Beautification Project (Ojai, CA – maintaining private community cactus garden); Campus by the Sea – Santa Catalina Island (volunteer work moving rocks and restoring accommodations); Volunteer – University Tour Guide/Docent (UCSB) and volunteer organizer for campus enrichment (organized and emceed formal debate held at UCEN, UCSB).
PERSONAL INTERESTS:  Freelance social science research and public publishing of “capsule research” of a wide range of topics in Sociology; science fiction; sports; video games; arts and architectural design; pets; cooking; travel; music; sociopolitical and economic web blogging; fishing; alpine skiing; film and motion picture industry pursuits – popular culture studies; shopping – bargain hunting.
ACADEMIC INTERESTS:  Population and Demography; Global and Domestic Socioeconomics; Sociology of Human Sexuality; Mass Media and Popular Culture; Third World Development and Change; Analysis of Social Revolutionary and Collective Behavioral Movements (global, national, regional and popular cultural).
BOOKS:  M.B.A. in a Day (Stralser); Digital Capital:  Harnessing the Power of Business Webs (Tapscott, Lowy, Ticoll); Dune (Herbert); Sphere (Crichton); Contact (Sagan); Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volumes I and II (Lester del Rey); Blade Runner 2:  The Edge of Human (Jeter); Gideon’s Trumpet (Lewis); The Modern World System (Wallerstein); A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (Solzhenitsyn); The Formula (Shagan); The Four-Footed Therapist (Ruckert); Calvin and Hobbes (Watterson); The Far Side (Larson); Star Trek novels.
EXPERIENCE WITH INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS FROM ABROAD (via employment, study or shared residence): 


Pakistan, Ireland, England, Cuba, Venezuela, Switzerland, Sweden, Columbia, Korea, Mexico (Mexico City), India, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Japan


Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand (Maori and Anglo), England, Philippines, Hawaii (Hawaiian), Tahiti, Cook Islands, Guam, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Australia, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey

REFERENCES:  Available upon request.


  1. Zarrella said he earned an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University. He did attend the program from 1972-1976, but he didn't graduate.

    MBA Colleges in Australia

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    2. Ken Katsura stated for clarification: I earned straight 'A' grades in grad school coursework/core courses, but did not do my thesis. I took Demography and Population Studies, Advanced Social Science Research Methods and Advanced Theory, as some of my graduate level coursework. I was a double major undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara in Sociology/Socioeconomics and Political Science (Law & Society and Public Administration). I possess far more undergraduate and upper division coursework than most M.A.s do. In fact, most M.A.s can't hold a candle to my academic background, relative to coursework amount. It's somewhat deceptive. When some think that I have deficiencies in my M.A. background, the truth is that I have far more than most M.A.s possess.