Saturday, July 7, 2012


MODNEX CONSUMER INVESTIGATIONS 2012:   ADP Personnel Screening SVCS to date has not responded to my request by email to explain their methodology for determining personal character . . . in the MODNEX CONSUMER INVESTIGATION of the PERSONNEL INVESTIGATION AND SCREENING INDUSTRY . . .

As a professionally educated sociologist, my preliminary finding is that personnel and character assessment investigative services are grossly misleading not only about those they erroneously screen out with their information, but they also grossly mislead about the personnel NOT screened out, as well, such as corrupt, domestically violent and/or alcoholic/sex addicted government employees and/or corporate executive of corrupt financials, teachers having sex with minors and more, as these individuals were ALL FALSE NEGATIVES FOR TROUBLED CHARACTER.

Law enforcement has the highest domestic violence rate of any group in the nation, and they all passed their “character” and “stability” screening! This is hard FACT.  Can you imagine how many false negatives for problematic behavior personnel screening services have provided OVER THE YEARS WHO ARE NOW ALL AROUND YOU?  Can you imagine how many false positives for problematic behavior (the awesome employees, together folks, victims of the system, et al) you allowed to slip away from your organization or personal friendship, marriage, etc., as a result?

I can recall all those women teachers having sex with their underage male students.   They didn't make it a habit of going to porn shops or having lots of porn.   Neither do priests or reverends who molest/sexually abuse children.  Furthermore, embezzlers and intelligence personnel caught violating the law and stealing are always a trusted individual, someone who was deemed “stable and steadfast,” as well!  Why they’d been in the same position for years, right?!  An example would be a “Mrs. So and So who’s been with the company for 30 years embezzling $250,000 over seven years from the local Salvation Army.  She seemed like such a stable, nice and hard-working individual.   And she had no porn or prior convictions on her personnel screening.  She attended church regularly.  We had no idea she was writing bogus checks to herself all these years out of our budget.”

Government, in a nationally reported (news media) research study,  concluded that Illinois, California and New York had the highest and most outrageous corruption in government . . .   Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura and other CA counties were some of our state's most notorious in the research study . . . . . . and they all passed their employment screenings.
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I worked with a corporate lawyer at the most prestigious corporate international law firm in the nation, the nation’s first law firm!  Truly, a nice, hardworking fella.  Later went on to get convicted of violating the law as a corporate CEO of a major toy company!  He passed all his corporate personnel screenings, as well, and I suspect “with flying colors,” as well.

In an upfront analysis, businesses and consumers who use personnel screening services “get what they pay for”:  Very little useful information.  Furthermore, this “very little useful information” is most often placed in the hands of a “very little useful manager or other authority” who is 99.9% of the time “patently unqualified” to interpret and/or extrapolate any meaningful, valid or reliable information about a given individual based upon the “very little useful information,” as well.

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