Friday, May 25, 2012


Dear Hiring Manager/Human Resources, Prospective Organization:

My LinkedIn profile, with PDF printout option, ( is being provided in response to your search for an experienced, well educated, scalable, professionally and globally cultured, Executive/Administrative Assistant.  My resume (recently updated) is attached, as well.  (Please do not review the attached resume in Google View if this email communication has been received in Gmail.)

First, let me be clear.  I do not owe the government any higher educational loan debt and my driving record is immaculate.  My personal objective is to be completely debt free within two years.  Remarkably, this is a realistic personal financial goal, given the state of the economy.  I am seeking an office support position to achieve this goal, while providing my employer with the highest quality office support available.

Second, I apologize for not having a greater source of ethnic diversity in my employment references to offer to you.  My relevant occupational employment references, management and supervisors, as a point in fact, are all white or ethnic minority white (a fraction Native American and fundamentally white).  None are “non-white,” such as myself.  I am greatly disappointed by this fact.  However, a fact it remains and I must apologize on behalf of fate.

Third, the above stated and kept well in mind, I am seeking a full-time, permanent employment opportunity within a stable, professional and fast-paced environment.  I thrive within an environment which is consistently “in pursuit of excellence.”  (Please visit me at and

I possess a double major B.A. (Socioeconomics/Sociology and Political Science/Public Administration) from the U.S. News and World Report “10th ranked public university and 39th ranked national school” and 118th ranked university in the world (out of the top 400 - QS World University Rankings), the University of California at Santa Barbara.  I also possess a 3.93 GPA in graduate core courses (two full-time semesters) in Sociology/Socioeconomics.  My graduate coursework includes Population and Demography and Advanced Research Methods.  I type at 70 WPM (0% error rate, certified) and I possess over fifteen (15) years of office support experience across a vast array of industry of scale.  I can also offer to your organization years of experience performing a wide range of special projects, as well.  Finally, as a result of working and residing in Santa Barbara, Honolulu and Los Angeles, I possess experience working and residing with individuals who, as a group, hail from a combination of over thirty-two (32) nations and U.S. territories, abroad.

My qualifications are of the highest competitive quality and include extensive experience in executive and lead production word processing and transcription (Dictaphone), executive appointment and conference scheduling, special projects (Velo-binding, ring-comb presentation/conference binders, mail merging and Internet marketing research), greeting clients, reservations, customer relations management (CRM software) and back-up reception (AT & T corporate switchboard and PA system, conference calls, paging, point of contact for field sales personnel, parking and cab validation stickers, and “in/out” and pickup records).  I also possess extensive experience in the management of spreadsheets (Excel), databases/documents/faxes (Word, Acrobat, ACT, Access, and Windows PC Scanfax), overnight shipping/mailing (Federal Express, DHL, UPS, and USPS), time and expense sheets (both online and manual ordering, tracking and supply requests), online AP/AR (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), digital postage meter (with regeneration experience) and scale, digital all-in-one copiers, auto paper folders and envelope sealers, cash records, file and library setup and maintenance, and much more.

My skill level in Outlook and PowerPoint are intermediate and would require a month to become advanced.  My “learning curve” is exceptionally high.  I have also successfully trained/supervised up to forty (40) personnel (daily) within a corporate call center environment (not listed on my resume - please see me), as well.

In addition, I recently began measuring my influence on, and my rating is 51 (the average rating is 20), while my reach is 770.  (My current score does not include data from my two MySpace profile, nor does it include data from my Yahoo Message Board activity.) 

Please note that with the unveiling of MS Windows 8, experientially, we will all start from scratch.  However, rest assured, the software program is designed to be easily learned for fear of losing consumer satisfaction, and therefore, sales.  From my experience with MS Windows 8, thus far, it is an easy program to learn.

Finally, my annual salary range is very reasonable given the value your organization will receive:  $50 - 65K (negotiable, depending upon the position requirements and regional cost of living index).  I am also willing to work overtime and relocate, as well.  (I will require a minimum relocation support package.  I am single with no dependents or pets.  The relocation support may be incrementally recovered over bi-weekly pay periods, if necessary.) 

As a supportive reminder, please do not review the attached resume in Google View.

Thank you for your time, consideration and professionalism, and I will eagerly anticipate the opportunity to discuss the position opening with your organization’s designated representative.

Sincerely yours,

Ken Katsura
(805) 216-8739 (voicemail and text messaging enabled)

Attachment:  2012 Resume (Please do not view resume in Google View)

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