Saturday, July 28, 2012


GOKATSURA-PALIN(?)2016 'SUPER INDEPENDENTS': The MD terroristic threatener was a man with a loads of weapons. But, what if he didn't and there was proof he even left a prior residence because he 'didn't care for firearms in the residence' at the time and had no history of owning a firearm? Would we then suspect the alleged victims for violating the law and covering it up with an accusation? In short, a conspiracy?  I believe our nation must hold SOCIETY ACCOUNTABLE for its potential part in such matter as Aurora, CO, the recent Maryland arrest, and other similar matter which arise!  WE ALL KNOW THAT MANY SUCH MATTERS ARE FUELED BY SOCIETY AND ARE CARRIED OUT WITH THE FULL KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS THAT EVERY INDIVIDUAL HAS A "THRESHOLD OF REASONABLE TOLERANCE" WHICH MUST NOT BE PRESSED BEYOND THAT WHICH IS REASONABLY MANAGEABLE.  SOCIETY, COMMUNITIES, GROUPS ET AL . . .  MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE . . . NOT MERELY THE INDIVIDUAL!

The fact is that even I decided to leave the home of a really nice couple in San Diego because of the same thing (I discovered a housemate in the household had firearms and hollow-point bullets) back when attending grad school at SDSU in 1992-93. One of my housemates, another renter, suddenly showed me his cache of guns and hollow point ammo out of pride. And . . . Well, that was it for me. I politely explaned how I felt and moved on. These weren't bad folks at all.  I just didn't feel comfortable with guns with hollow point ammo in the place where I was residing.  Great people though, Mark M. Kassam (Navy recruiter) and Tina Kassam (former Navy Corpsman) of Spring Valley/San Diego, CA.   A lot of fun and very positively geared.  :)

In any event, though, I moved . . .  I supposed the SDSU campus police didn't get around to telling anyone about that, did they?  AND, the "Advanced Industrial Legal Complex" throughout California . . . who knew about my incident . . . COVERED UP EVERYTHING.  They didn't tell you this about MY PAST, did they?  Oh, no-no.  Government, my friends . . . in California . . . is, indeed, the enemy of truth and justice and the American way . . . past service in the military or not.

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