Sunday, July 1, 2012


MODNEX INTEL/GOKATSURA2016 "SUPER INDEPENDENTS" - Up to 300,000 Iraqi Kurds were killed by Saddam Hussein and Chemical Ali's chemical weapons. The worst massacre of the innocent was Halabja on what is called "Bloody Friday." I do not regret my decision to rationalize and support the Iraqi Freedom Campaign, the liberation of both Kurds and Iraqi political dissidents, uphold the national security of the world, and prevent the precedent and proliferation of the use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons throughout the world.

At this stage of development, let me state that we will be the party of 'strong guiding principles' as opposed to 'black and white' or 'absolute' extremes . . .

While as a strong 'guiding principle' I am opposed to war, there are times when it may be necessary, upon consideration of even greater fundamental guiding principle, to transcend the guiding principle of peace. This was and continues to be my policy and perspective relative to Iraqi Freedom, the security of the Kurdish people, and the prevention of the precedent setting use and proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons worldwide.

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