Friday, July 20, 2012


GOKATSURA-PALIN(?)2016 “SUPER INDEPENDENTS”: CANDIDATE VALUES – PART 2 – The recent mass shooting has brought up the issue of gun control and how best to deal with violence in our nation. I tend to lean in the direction that if it’s not guns, it’ll be something else. People will find way to express violence, with or without guns. So, my focus will be more upon what is causing the social psycho...logical/collective behavioral “state-of-mind” in our communities which cause such rampages and isolated incidents. One of my first agenda’s will be to make more teachers and severely reduce the number of lawyers . . . Yeah, this action (folks going postal) in the West actually all began in the 90s. We never saw people "going postal" except mostly once in a blue moon in reports from "other parts of the nation” or in ignored inner city or “backwoods” conditions of political and economic “abject aquiesence.” This all changed in the West, however, with the legal community's big push for social conflict to fuel funding for government jobs and business for lawyers. They borrowed from the low esteemed alcoholic personality character and franchised it through grass roots political networks under the guise of "civil rights and equality" . . . when the truth was, it was merely "pushing" . . . "stinkin thinkin" . . . 1 in 5 lawyers are alcoholics and they have a much higher rate of alcoholism, as a group, than the rest of the average population. The Advanced industrial Legal Complex . . . clearly played to its strengths . . . and familiarity. Okay? So, my agenda to help curb such violent outbreaks to remove much of the rationale which, ultimately, causes it.

I don’t believe in the legal community’s perspective that people should be responsible for tolerating everything. Such a philosophy merely encourages more baiting, harassing, and more social conflict. There’s, first of all, a reasonable point where, generally speaking, bad behavior is regarded as intolerable and the reaction to such intolerable behavior should be reasonably expected and anticipated. So, we will try to encourage folks to not bait and screw around with each other or betray or do this other stuff which causes mass violence, as well.

It's too bad it's come to this, but on the other hand, it may be a godsend, as well! We need to start focusing on meeting each other through the Internet for political campaigning and every other form of gathering! It's safer, more economical, more convenient, saves on energy consumption and cost, saves lives since they don't have to travel, people don't have to face bad weather conditions, lower insurance and liability costs, candidates and higher value individuals can avoid obnoxious or inappropriate social circumstances and the transmission of disease, travelers can avoid law enforcement looking for that speeding ticket . . . and we will meet each other in complete safety and comfort of our own environment. That's the upside of this period of massive and unbridled chaos caused by the legal community.  

 Sheesh . . . some groups, like the "Advanced Industrial Legal Complex" . . . will do anything for a piece of the federal government's monies, eh? . . . Including playing "Russian Roulette" with the public's lives . . .

Incidentally, the shooter of the "largest mass shooting in U.S. history," . . . had a "clean arrest record."  So much for personnel screening and character testing, eh?  Like I said, before, folks . . . such services tell you very little about a person and even arrest and conviction records can be very, very misleading . . .  Please refer to my recent blog on the subject, as well.

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