Wednesday, July 18, 2012


GOKATSURA-PALIN(?)2016 "SUPER INDEPENDENTS":  CANDIDATE VALUES - Religion and Values: I don't support illegal narcotics. I don't drink alcohol but have nothing against others enjoying it responsibly. I don't have hangups with adult entertainment. I have a background in the Sociology of Human Sexuality. I believe in the fundamentals of Presbyterianism, but I also believe that the churches know only part of the "Big Picture" which we are "discovering." I also believe in what I call "Spherism." This is the awareness that God has never had a portrait, only God as Jesus. God, the Father, however, I believe is probably a sphere. Man and Universe was made "In God's Image and Likeness," subsequently everything that's important in the Universe is a . . . sphere or is spherical. The Holy Ghost/Spirit is . . . "gravity" . . . and is, ultimately, where we derive all energy and, therefore, life in the Universe. We get our energy from the sun/stars, right? And, it's converted into things like fossil fuels, etc., right? Well, we not only get energy from the burning of the sun, all this reaction (which gives off light/photons to Earth caused by gravity crushing together atoms causing the hydrogen explosions on the Sun, the life cycle of stars, black holes, the birth of a new star) has to do with gravity. And, not only do we receive energy from the sun in the form of light, but also in the form of gravity from the sun and gravity from the mass of the Earth, as well! The plants grow from photosynthesis and then later their remains are compressed by gravity to form fossil fuels. Gravity also makes everything on our planet move producing potential energy, kinetic energy, as well, such as in water currents, dams, etc. This is the work of the Holy Ghost/Spirit, gravity. And, in God's image and likness of the Holy Ghost or gravity, everything is sphere shaped or spherical due to the effect of gravity! Again, the "image and likeness of God" . . . Thus, God is omnipresent (everywhere, as gravity), is omnipotent (you cannot destroy matter and energy, but merely convert it), as well and is the Alpha and the Omega. There is no prejudice which is represented by a sphere, as well. Perfect in all ways, equidistant, balanced. The symbol of truth. No imbalance, perfect stability. No up or down, left or right . . . When I think of God, then, I do not only think of Jesus, but of . . . the Sphere.

Well, this is what you weren't taught in church, but that is part of "Discovering God" . . . which you are asked to do . . . as in "Seek and you shall find the glory of God . . ." Well, . . . I think . . . "I found it."

As the products of God, and in His image and likeness, we inherently worship the sphere. The proof is that we spend billions every year on sports and sexuality which all boil down to "the possession and control of the sphere (ball, puck)." All other things in our lives which are important to us are typically in some form of sphere shape, and this is so physiologically, anatomically, sexually and is what we drive toward in terms of reproducing - we are inherently driven to and attracted by the spherical to reproduce . . . and when it comes to the value of things on the marketplace, such as jewelry. All of our holidays are marked by the celebration of spheres! Pumpkins, Easter eggs, Christmas tree baubles, a round ham/turkey/game hens for Thanksgiving, pies are prefered circular despite it being an uneconomical manner to store foods. We love the thought that pizzas and pies and cakes and donuts and bagels and muffins are circular, and it doesn't even make sense. Think about it - it really doesn't . . . unless we are, inherently, driven to do things like this as products of God . . . the Sphere. Yes! Xmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving . . . all the celebration of . . . "the sphere." On our birthdays, we are presented with a round cake and balloons . . . my how important . . . balloons are to us. We send them high into the air in our most important celebrations. On others, such as the Fourth of July, we send spheres into the skies which explode into wonderful images to delight us. Why are the 4th of July fireworks shot up into the sky . . . spheres? Balance. Balance in the expression of the firework, and balance in its flight. This . . . is . . . who we are, my friends. This is our nature. We are all about . . . spheres. :)

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